Generation Zero has been on my list of games to play for some time now. The initial release date is set for 2019 and seriously it cannot come soon enough. The open world co-op game puts you in a hostile world of invading machines. You can go it alone or team up with up to three friends and fight against the machines. You will have to loot and upgrade your way in order to survive. Everything so far has looked pretty damn cool. It is already known this is going to have more of an 80’s feel which I think is great but it is set in Sweden. Well…even better. I have never been to Sweden so this will still give a mysterious yet familiar feeling.

Seeing beta footage and now seeing the live stream of the “In-Development Build” I am very optimistic about this game. It looks pretty crisp and the combat appears to be on point. The first person view gives you a great look at things such as buildings, landscape and some cool machine fights. It doesn’t give much on customization but it is said that more of that might come after the release in form of updates. I am okay with this because for me this is more about teaming up with your friends.

Now while this video does show a slower pace of the game the true meat comes towards the end when we get our first glimpse of the Harvester. It is big, it is bad and it will be a formidable machine to take down in Generation Zero. I have a feeling the finished product is going to be something you can play with your friends for hours upon hours.

Check out the stream below and let us know what you think of the Harvester. Intimidating? Huge? Meh?

And check out the gameplay trailer.