Releasing on Feburary 22nd, 2019, Bioware’s Anthem looks to be EA’s answer to Destiny. Big and bold, the game requires you and 3 of your buds to use your Javelins to kick ass and take names in a beautiful yet dangerous online world.

What if we could team-up across to save the day? Sony claims they’re down for cross-platform play these days, as Fortnite was the first major game on the PS4 to do so.

Fans want to know. Could Anthem be the next AAA title to receive it? Mark Darrah, Executive Producer for Anthem gave us all an answer to this burning question on Twitter.

I mean, he didn’t say no, but the answer does give us room to speculate. Are they indeed seriously looking into making it happen at some point down the road? Is it really possible? If so.. make it happen, Bioware! Make. It. Happen.

Are you interested in Anthem? Could the possibility of cross-platform play interest you? Let us know in the comments below!