Are you ready for the Multiplayer VR Dungeon game you have been waiting for? Once you enter the medieval and ghost-infested that is Castle Carvasso, get ready for some adventure. Playing as a young mage who has returned home from magic school, something strange has happened. The castle that was once accessible is now locked up by you guessed it…a ghostly debt collector. But it will be up to you to wreak havoc and you need to wreck it like nothing else, find the hidden treasure, and pay off that debt. But you don’t have to go at it alone, you can get a helping hand or challenge those who dare question your wreaking methods.

Features include:

  • Full Campaign – Guided by a friendly ghost grandma, players traverse as a mage through Castle Carvasso and its surroundings, shattering and crushing everything in sight to collect enough treasure to pay off the family’s debt collector;
  • Three Campaign Game Modes – Players can race against the clock in Treasure Hunt to gather as much as possible within the time limit, comb the grounds for a specific piece of loot in Scavenger Hunt, or explore the castle at their own pace in Free Play;
  • Two-Person Multiplayer – Each game mode supports co-operative local multiplayer, so the VR mage can venture through the castle and face its ghostly inhabitants with a friend at their side;
  • Two, up to Four-Player Versus Modes – Party games take on a new look in VR, as up to three DualShock players can challenge the VR Mage in special dungeons with Poltergeist Panic or Jewel Duel modes;
  • Online Leaderboards – Crushing high scores is about as fun as smashing everything in sight, and players can fight for a place on the dynamic leaderboards, as well as test their mettle in an adaptive high score trial system that tailors itself to the player’s own style and skill level.

So get ready for that physical release when Smash Hit Plunder hits North American retailers for $29.99 on January 15, 2019.

In case you missed the trailer…please enjoy…