PlayStation VR is already an immersive experience, but that shouldn’t stop anyone for adding to that already immersive experience. But it seems that a recent Ultrawings patch update has been stated and it’s very interesting that it’s noted that they have added support for an upcoming, soon-to-be released peripheral for PSVR…Ultrawings update psvr.jpg

But think about this for a second. Why would there be a new peripheral coming to PlayStation VR? What franchise could be coming back that has been talked about for a while that will have some PlayStation VR support that could use a peripheral? None other than Ace Combat 7.

Thrustmaster psvr

So imagine if any flight games for PlayStation VR got updated for this and if somehow the Thrustmaster T.Hostas Flight 4 controls were shown in the game like how some games show the DualShock 4 or the Move controllers, this might be really amazing. Just get ready as this Thrustmaster T. Hostas Flight 4 flight stick should be launching right alongside Ace Combat 7 on January 18, 2019.