Along with each chapter of the Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps DLC fans of Spider-Man will receive three new suits to save the day in, plus take amazing photos with in the BRAHtastic photo mode. With the second DLC chapter Turf Wars arriving on November 20th, Insomniac Games revealed the three newest suits!

BRAH! I’ve been waiting for the ORIGINAL Iron Spider armor since they revealed the Infinity War’s version prior to launch! The Spider-Clan is from the Manga version of Spidey, and the Spider-Armor MK1 has been around since The Brah was a kid many, many years ago.

Insomniac also gave us Spidey-fans a new look at the Turf Wars DLC!

Each DLC chapter is $9.99, unless you bought the pass which gives you all three for $24.99, a saving of $5.

Will you be getting Turf Wars??