If there’s one thing Sony has not been afraid of doing this generation is spending ludicrous amounts of money on advertising the PS4 and the multitude of major games released on it the past five years. Uncharted 4, God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and so much more have been plastered all over the internet, your TV screen, and billboards across the world.

This tradition continues with Red Dead Redemption 2, as Sony went BIG to show Gamers they had the marketing rights to one of the biggest and best-selling games of 2018. iSpot.tv estimated that Sony spent $28 million dollars in October 2018 on TV advertising, which was $21 million more than its second closest competitor, Nintendo, who spent an estimated $7.2 million on TV ads. DAMN.

Some key stats for Sony’s spending:

  • Estimated $28 million spent in October 2018, up from the $24.2 million spent in September 2018.
  • The $28 million was spread across 20 spots that ran a total of 2,600 times on the biggest networks (ESPN, Fox, Adult Swim) during some of the biggest events (NFL, NBA, and College football).
  • The biggest ad was the “Nothing is more” RDR2 spot which had a budget of $8.7 million alone.
  • All of the ads combined for a staggering total of 1.2 BILLION impressions.

It’ll be interesting to see how Sony responds to November, seeing as how Black Friday will soon be here, along with many major 3rd party releases launch this month. What do you think, Brah? Does Sony spend to much or is that insane amount of advertising dollar needed to stay at the top of the gaming mountain?