Coming in at 4.340GB, Marvel’s Spider-Man Update 1.10 is live bringing with it new content, options, fixes, and news!

The first nugget of news is that the next chapter in the City that Never Sleeps DLC, Turf Wars, will go live on November 20th for $9.99. New story content, challenges, suits, trophies, and more!

    Added support for “The City That Never Sleeps – Turf Wars” story pack.
    Added new frames and stickers to Photo Mode.
    Added colored speaker’s names to subtitles.
    Added options to hide the mini-map and control hints on the HUD.
    Addressed an issue where the time of day would not be set properly in “The Heist” DLC, causing loading screens to appear over cinematics.
    Spider-Man 1.10 addressed an issue where Miles dialogue may be delayed and not synced with subtitles in “The Heist” DLC.
    Addressed an issue where after quitting a Screwball challenge players would have certain gadgets removed permanently.
    Added fixes for crashing issues with Spider-Man version 1.10.
    Added fixes for stuttering/lag issues.
    Spider-Man 1.10 for PS4 has fixed some glitches.
    Added fixes for framerate drop and freezing issues.
    Added performance and stability improvements.
    Gameplay improvements added with Spider-Man 1.10.
    Added other minor fixes and changes with Spider-Man version 1.10.

So there you have! You have 13 more days to finish The Heist and get ready to put a beating on Hammerhead!

Fellow Spider-Brah Evan Filarca goes in-depth with the new Update 1.10!