Humanity…what happened? It should have never happened.  Maybe it was the loss of hope. Maybe it was the fear of the unknown. Somehow the A.I. that is known as Cifer that was built to oversee it all, something about it we cannot trust. They want all of our fate into its hands. There are things that we do not know, but we need to know. But Cifer saw something that we humans have known for the longest time, power can corrupt the soul. But when the almighty Cifer witnessed the greed, it all changed and changed for the worse and it promised to take care of us all. But do we sit around and wait or do we take matters into our own hands?

Features include:

  • Sci-fi shooter with RPG and exploration elements.
  • Fully voiced actors, detailed and dynamic mission system, full locomotion and an open world to explore. So get ready for some sci-fi fun.
  • Launching with the beginning phases of a robust RPG experience. In later episodes, these features will be continually enhanced.
  • VR Specific Enhancements – customizable VR comfort enhancements. These include adjusting vignetting for shutter speed and scale, along with being able to find your perfect rotation and travel speed. In addition, we’ve added snap turning and the user can set the optimal angle for their playstyle. Lighting intensity, color schemes and adjusting the height of your MHP dashboard are also included to maximize player enjoyment. This is about making the best experience for you.
  • Interactive VR Experience – Players will be able to touch and interact with certain parts of the world. From controlling your MHP and weapons to interacting with NPCs, terminals and other forms of communication, you’ll feel fully immersed in the world around you.
  • Plug-In Feature  – Think about it, being attacked and being able to plug into a vehicle that you can control through the MHP (Modified Hover Pod). Being ambushed just might have some advantages. Also, not everyone may want to walk, so feel free to plug into a vehicle to get around. So you can plug into a fighter ship, fly around and decimate Humech aerial units. During missions, the player will need to plug into devices like a lifter, that will be used to grind up materials, move and replace objects, and be essential to complete core gameplay objectives. In other words get ready for an amazing time.
  • Trading System: Enemies, containers, and bosses will drop loot of all sorts that will allow players to build and upgrade their weapons and vehicles. With a robust trading system, the player will be able to buy consumable augmentations, equipment modifications, and acquire missing schematic ingredients to customize their journey according to their playstyle. Avid explorers will be rewarded with additional loot drops and rare items. So get ready to upgrade and customize.
  • Schematics – Sure you want the best MHP you can get, but it’s not about to be handed to you. So put the time in and find those parts. If you dream it…you can build it.
  • Engineering System –  Get ready to build and upgrade parts for your MHP from the materials you find by completing missions.
  • Scavenging – The parts will not just be pointed out to you. You will need to find them in order to build and upgrade.
  • Ranking System – With future episodes, there will be the ability to rank up.
  • Maintenance and Repair – You can’t expect to go through battles without some need for repair and it’s not like you have unlimited ammo. So make every shot count until you can find more Maintenance Pads.
  • Multiplayer – You can’t go into battle alone, can you? When the full game releases, get ready for some arena style one-on-one battles, or MHP vs MHP, 3 vs 3 play or survival of the fittest with choosing your vehicle type play.
  • Lore – You will need to be on the lookout for these if you want to know what really happened as well as the world around you along with what’s in the world.
  • Unique Enemies and Epic Bosses – Now you wouldn’t want the same old song and dance would you? Not here, get ready as each Boss has their own strong and weak points to try and conquer.

But there is a place…a place away from the wasteland. It may be dangerous, but there is hope. Get ready to take New Austin back one building at a time when Scraper: First Strike (Episode 1) comes to PlayStation VR in late 2018. But all is not lost. Register on Scraper Network by 11/15/18 to receive a virtual copy of the novel Scraper: The Rise of Cifer & the Debilitator Railgun when the game is released! You’ll receive a special key that you can use after you purchase the game to unlock the Debilitator Railgun.

Remember that Scraper First Strike is coming to PlayStation VR on July 2, 2019.

Until then…please enjoy…