Grab your candy corn and put on your pumpkin head here comes Halloween Forever. This 8-bit juggernaut comes out swinging for the fences with its retro style look and gameplay. Alright maybe juggernaut is an exaggeration but the game is still fun to play. With all the skeletons, bats, floating zombie heads and plenty of well-timed traps Halloween Forever is determined to give you that old school challenge. You start off with the pumpkin head character that enjoys spewing out candy corn at the enemies. Each level is suited with numerous sub levels and it pays to explore each one. They are not big at all so explore because there are hidden characters throughout. Once you collect a character he is unlocked for good and the location you found him in becomes an extra life. Find them fast because if you fall in a pit of spikes it’s an instant death and once you run out of lives you must start all over from the beginning.

You can unlock an array of characters from the pumpkin head that spits out candy corn to the witch that upchucks a barrage of cats. Each character has their own little unique way of spitting this stuff out and its rather neat discovering them all. You might want good jumping shoes as well because of course you will be doing this a lot. Did I mention you can double jump? Yes! The double jump actually works nicely just like most of the game. You have plenty of ledges to jump on or pits to jump over so prepare yourself, this stuff is truly groundbreaking.

The spirit of Halloween and the fun that comes with it is definitely the heart of this game. While the controls are simplistic and easily mastered, it leaves the rest of the game to be enjoyed. Seriously there are some cool backgrounds in the game. What’s that? Yes I know its pixel but come who doesn’t like that art style? Just look at this nice dining room setup with those beautiful paintings hanging on the wall.

You wouldn’t have a retro platformer like this without bosses would you? Of course not silly and as the level plays out you will run into these bosses through their big gaping doors. Most of the bosses are fun and have some sort of unique attack towards you but once you figure out their pattern you can easily get by them. I think that is the allure of this game, fun challenges but quickly figured out. It is silly, cute, and keeps the fun ghouls at the forefront with some nice tunes to guide it along. I mean check out this trophy I got just for beating a boss. All smiles here.

If you are looking for a fun game to play with your kids on Halloween night then this might be the game for you. Try and see which one of you can survive the longest or beat that creepy looking boss. I am almost certain that laughs will ensue and for a minimal price tag of $5 dollars a good time can be had by everyone. If you go into Halloween Forever knowing what it is then it could be the game that gives you delight on a dark and eerie night.

Happy Halloween!

This game was provided for review.