Halloween is right around the corner and as a horror fan the entire month of October is a treat. At the end of the month most of us will celebrate Halloween with scary movies, go trick or treating, eat handfuls of candy and perhaps scare a few of the neighborhood kids. With frights all around this time of year I started asking myself a question. “What are some of the characters that made me want to run away from them?” This was not an easy question to answer but you know me, I decided to give it a slice. See what I did there? No? Ok maybe a reach.

I didn’t want to pick out the obvious but instead find some of the characters that might not be the main villain or find the one that if they catch you its immediate death. Here are my top five horror game characters that make you want to run away.

5. The Janitor/Chefs/Guests – Little Nightmares

Trapped in the Maw as a little girl named Six this game certainly delivered on the Nightmares. Everything wants to eat you as you try to find an escape. If they find you and they will all you can do is run and hope to not be caught. In a disturbing fashion you are on the menu and that is worth running from. Not many games make you feel incredibly uneasy the way Little Nightmares does with its creepy and grotesque characters. With a trio of them you will have heart pounding moments as you slide around a corner with massive gluttonous beings who want nothing more than to fill their gut with you.

4. The lickers – Resident Evil 2

When you are first introduced to these characters in Resident Evil 2 there is no way that your first instinct was not to run away. That weird tongue coming out slowly and the disgusting inside out flesh appearance, it was truly terrifying. Now we all know that with a shotgun you could dispose of them but at the time it didn’t seem that way. All I wanted to do was escape in a hurry, jump out the same window they would come crashing through. You couldn’t hide, you could shield your eyes only for a moment but if you did, game over. I will never forget one of the creepiest characters in a game hanging from the ceiling ready to devour me.

3. Jack Baker – Resident Evil 7

Yes Jack Baker. I have never put on my running shoes in such a hurry. This guy tormented us while playing the new installment of Resident Evil. He was maniacal in the way he talked to you and let you know that if he caught you bad things would happen. That was something extra that this character gave us. He stalked us while saying things that made the hair on the back of your neck stand up. I can’t count how many times I would see him pacing on the balcony above and then say, “I see you,” which would cause me to scream out in panic. Did I get away? I did but not always because in my fear induced state there would be times I would run the wrong way and get caught. Yes I have a tendency to panic when characters who look like they’ve had an acid bath are chasing me.

2. Slender Man – Slender: The Arrival

I’m not afraid you are afraid. What’s that? The game didn’t scare you? Cool story. I don’t know if there was a game that made me run as much as this one. Maybe track and field on the Nintendo but that wasn’t out of fear. Or was it? Anyways. Slender Man is a mysterious character for me. I never really bought into the hype of the character until I finally sat down and played the game. Now I did play this in front of a group of people. One of them that was in the room jumped up and ran out of the room during one point of the game. True story. They came back only to leave moments later stating they couldn’t handle the scares. Chicken? Perhaps. Weak heart? Possibly. The one thing I do know is that I screamed like a little chicken as well numerous times during the game. Having some weird being stalk you at moments during a game when it as at its creepiest point was spot on. I ran, I screamed, I cried a little. Slender Man haunts me, in game and out. I did a second play through of this game to see if it would give me the same frights and guess what? It did.

  1. Jason Voorhees – Friday the 13th: The Game

Now here is a character where running is the best option. Jason Voorhees to me is the character that you cannot escape from regardless if you do or not. What? That doesn’t make sense, does it? Hear me out. When I was a kid I played the Nintendo version of the game and for weeks I had this reoccurring dream of Jason trapping me in the game and I couldn’t get away. It was horrible but the events would eventually turn me into a huge horror fan. Many years later a game comes along centered on Jason Voorhees and the counselors of Crystal Lake. While this is a different style of a game it has haunted me just as well. There are ways to escape in the game but for most that happens very few times. While Jason is being controlled by another player or you can actually be Jason yourself it is still crazy intense, absurdly terrifying to get trapped in a house with all of your surroundings fading to black. Never played the game huh? Well when your counselor gets scared it makes things incredibly difficult to see therefore upping the scare factor. Nothing is better than hearing Jason smashing windows or breaking down doors knowing that if he grabs you things will end in a brutal way. Maybe he shoves your head into a fire and has himself some nice toasted brains or perhaps a good neck break is in order. Regardless, when he chases you the best chance of survival is to run but once you stop don’t be shocked if you find yourself in his grasp immediately. Jason is the OP horror character in gaming and one that still gives me nightmares.

What characters would you add to the list? As always thank you for reading and remember these lists are meant to be discussed. I enjoy when the readers add their favorites to the list.