First Contact Entertainment’s PSVR exclusive Firewall Zero Hour has been a smash hit for the team, as it has held the top spot as the MOST downloaded PSVR game back to back months since release.

The intense 4 v. 4 squad action has peeps forming their teams and creating strategies to tackle their rivals. The team at FCE has done a wonderful job improving the game since the initial release, as Update 1.05 is proof of that. They’ve done their best to listen to feedback from the fanbase to help improve user’s experience and quality of gameplay.

Here’s the details from Update 1.05:

    Addition of option to turn off gun offset
    Addition of option for PS4 Pro users to toggle Anti-Aliasing
    Decreased vignette fade time on smooth turning and sprint
    • Recall user’s “
    last played” Contractor when entering matchmaking
    Improvements to map cycling
    Fix to counter the suicide jammer strategy (all deployed equipment self-destructs if the player suicides)
    Challenges extend to Level 10
    Improvements to smoke grenades
    Economy adjustments for Crypto pick-ups, and Crypto awarded to PvE
    Left-handed player improvements: Weapon Skins, Revive Pistol firing offset, Trinket placement
    Misc bug fixes that improves stability and overall quality of life

If you’re interested in DLC for your favorite Contractor, a supply-drop full of content has dropped onto the PlayStation Store! There is even a free Pumpkin face paint FREE for PS+ users!