For those enjoying the early access Battle Royale game Fear the Wolves you will be getting a big update with new features. If you are a fan of the site then you know we have covered this game for some time now and are excited to see what it will bring to the table. The new features from Vostok Games will include a new weapon and enhancements to existing systems. There will also be new looting rules, secret stashes with high tier loot that you can only get by exploring and finding treasure maps. I absolutely love that this is going to be in the game. So we get to battle it out but can also scavenge for treasure maps! Sweet!

Wait! There is more! Some of the buildings now will be boarded up and will require a fire axe in order to access the building. What good loot awaits inside? Don’t know, guess you better find that axe as quickly as possible. Oh did I forget to mention the wolves? Dang it. Another neat aspect of the game is the wolves that will attack you throughout the game. I have seen some of this in action, they are not to be taken lightly. The wolves however will be getting some balancing tweaks that guess what, make them more dangerous. Holy smokes Vostok what are trying to do to us? There will be behavior changes that will make the wolves sneak up on players or be more aggressive while in packs. This is by far one of the craziest elements I have ever heard of in a Battle Royale game and it has me excited.

If we have a tougher path now will need improvements right? Of course. With the update there will be weapon balancing, new feel to the shooting and rooftop helicopter extractions along with bug fixes, tutorial screens, improved drop experience, additional sound and other minor additions.

Something else that gamers might enjoy is the NIVIDIA highlight system that has been integrated allowing for recording of plays and kills for easy sharing on various platforms.

Fear the Wolves is available for early access on PC and is planned for a full release in 2019. Are you ready for a unique Battle Royale experience? Or is this too much for you?

Don’t forget to check out some the game features.


-  Brutal FPS battle royale in the irradiated remains of Chernobyl

-  20+ weapons with dozens of attachments, across a wide variety of effective ranges and situations, including melee

-  Radiation spreads dynamically from area to area, and can be survived with the right gear

-  PvE elements keep each match different, with wolves, mutants, and other hazards a constant danger

-  Finish matches in style with the final battle around the extraction helicopter

-  More maps and modes to be revealed