Announced by Shawn Layden at PSX 2017, the Medievil Remaster was promised details ‘soon’. fast-forward almost a year later, and nothing of Sir Daniel’s return has been mentioned from the fine folks at PlayStation.

Until now, that is!!! During the most recent PlayStation Blogcast, Sid Shuman CONFIRMED that not only will Shawn Layden be making a return to official PlayStation podcast, BUT he was also be bringing with him the very first details of the Medievil Remaster!!

I have it on excellent authority that one Shawn Layden is going to be stopping back by in the next week or two. He’s very excited to give everybody a big update on Medievil!

Said Sid at around the 34:15 mark. Hey! It makes sense! This year is the 20th anniversary of the Medievil‘s release! Plus Shawn is a big fan of the character. So Brah Yeah. Bring on that greatness, Mr. Layden!!

If you missed it, here’s the teaser from PSX 2017!

(Thanks to @SaveMedievil for the tip!!)