Remember the times when your Grandfather would tell you the tales of the Old West glory days. You wished you could be part of that time. Remember the tales he would tell of his Bounty Hunter days and then you would go outside and play the part? But what if the longer you seemed to listen to the stories would almost differ from the last time to somehow wishing you were part of that time was suddenly becoming your reality?

Features include:

  • Full immersion into the ambiance of rollicking Westerns and shooting like flash from both hands, with cynical (and sometimes even black) humor for you to enjoy.
  • The more active you become the more rewarded you could become.
  • Evade those bullets…hide behind those object as you shoot back at the enemies (there is no shame in hiding).
  • If you like weapons, you are in luck. Do you like firearms? Do you like weapons you can throw? What about something a little futuristic in your weaponry? We got you covered.
  • Want to have some realism in your life with a mix of the Wild West and maybe some Hollywood-style thrown in? Then step up and step in.
  •  Get ready for some emotional times and let your inner child come out and play.
  • Do you like locations? Get ready to visit a lot of them and embrace the originality of each one.
So what will you feel? What will become of your Wild West? Find out how weird things can become when Guns’N’Stories: Bulletproof comes to PlayStation VR this November.