Initially revealed this morning during the Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Heist DLC re-reveal, Insomniac Games broke news that the much hyped Update 1.07 would hit tomorrow, bringing with it New Game+/Ultimate difficulty.

Unfortunately, something quickly changed between this morning and this afternoon, as this Update will no longer arrive tomorrow but ‘soon’. That didn’t stop Insomniac from giving us some details, which we’ve gathered for you below!!

  • New Game+ will let you begin the storyline once again, with all of your unlocked suits, skills, mods, web-slinging abilities, and benchmarks.
  • Ultimate difficulty for those of us who need that superior challenge.
  • Two new trophies, including one for finishing the game on Ultimate difficulty.
  • Bug fixes & improvement to the overall performance of the game.
  • The ability to rotate stickers in Photo Mode.

Bummer that we have to continue to wait, but I don’t believe the wait will be much longer for it. Would be a pretty sweet combo if The Heist DLC dropped next Tuesday along with Update 1.07!

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