When you release one of the biggest, best reviewed, and most beloved games of the year, other development studios might start trying to poach some of your talent to bring that magic to their next big game.

Or.. when you release one of the fastest-selling PlayStation exclusives in the history of the company, your higher-ups might want a sequel ASAP, therefore more team members are needed to get that BOY in gamer’s hands as fast as possible.

Or (#2) your team might be working on another project, along with God of War 2, because Santa Monica Studio are badass MOFO devs.

Perhaps this find by ResetEra user Cyberia is a clue: this Bio from a former Santa Monica Studio dev mentions “2 future projects”. Interesting. Most interesting.

It could be a combination of all three, but as you can see below, Santa Monica Studio certainly seem to be gearing up for what’s next for them!

Whatever the case may be, SMS is getting ready to bring the Brahsomeness that they’ve delivered to us Gamers over the years.

We here at The PlayStation Brahs can’t freagin’ wait!!

Have you beat God of War yet? Let us know what you what in a potential sequel in the comments below!