Yea I got the orders. Go investigate a disturbance on Faro Colony. I have seen the advertisements of it being peaceful, warm and welcoming. I read further down on the letter to where it said there was a low probability of enemy contact. It even said I would have the latest in everything. It even said it was going to be uneventful and it was signed by Architect and at the bottom of the orders it said Welcome to the Vanguard.

Somehow as soon as I read that, I had this strange feeling. But was it all going to be true? Was Developer and Publisher Archiact Interactive actually sending me on a mission that was going to be all calm and due to having low to no enemy contact? Let’s find out with Evasion for PlayStation VR.

Before going any further I have two things to say. 1) If you have the Aim controller, make sure that thing is charged. 2) If you have a friend who also got Evasion, ask them to join. You will need them. Now with that being said, let’s continue.

Evasion first and foremost a shooter and it’s your job to investigate what has happened to the colonists and figure out why the Opetra decided to go ballistic and almost end both races. It sounds simple, but before you go in shooting away, you might want to get some training done. You see that weapon that you have in your hands is not your typical weapon. No, this one is equipped with energy shields and a tethering ray that you can use to collect items as well as ending that annoying enemy.

Now you will need to decide before going in what class you will want to play as. You will have four to select from:

Surgeon – The combat Medic who can heal teammates and can take energy from Optera to heal himself.

Striker – Striker’s ammo can penetrate through the armor of the Optera and the energy shield can deflect shots back at the enemy. Also, the Striker class is quick.

Warden – Warden may be the one you want to go in guns blazing due to the armor, has damage resistance, and has a cluster bomb attack.

Engineer – If you like tethering, then the Engineer class may be for you. They are able to tether Optera out of the air and hurl them into buildings, can take out multi targets at the same time, and can help improve your ally weapons.

Depending on your style of play, choose the class that best suits you. There is no wrong or right since everyone is different. So try them all out as you never know what you may like. You also will need to decide the best mode to use to move. You have three choices, Free Mode, Jogging Mode, and Dash Step. For me, I selected Free Mode as it was the best for me. The fluency in which I was able to move made me pretty satisfied with the mechanics. So once you decide on your class and movement mode, it’s time to be the hero.

You will see blue markers that will show you how far away your next destination is. Think of it as your check mark. But it’s not going to be as easy as going from point A to point B. Enemies like to get in your way and they like to shoot at you. They shoot at you from above, to the side, from distances and not only that, but you have enemies that will roll only to then stop and try to blow you up. Also, don’t forget about the enemies that like to fly and shoot at you as they try and distract you from the other enemies. Remember how I mentioned that your weapon has an energy shield? Use it. Use that thing like a bat and you deflect and you defend all while shooting and ducking.

I want to talk about the checkpoints. At times you will need to just get to that checkpoint while other times you have to just stand out in the open and defend so that shield may come down so you can out what is needed. There are times where you may need to get to a checkpoint to pick up and item and try and carry that item to open a gate all while not trying to die. Speaking of dying, you will die…probably a lot. You have a certain amount of lives and when you die, you get to start over at the previous checkpoint, but when your lives are over, it’s game over and you have to restart from the beginning.

All the times that I defended and shot and deflected means nothing at all when that final life is over and you wished that you had one extra life. This is when you need a friend to join your game. I also like how when you collect energy for example, that at times it can create this circle of health that you can stand in to get your health back up, but this can leave you out in the open for enemies to attack you.

Let’s talk about Evasion and the Aim controller. It does work. I was able to turn with the analog sticks on the Aim controller without any problems. You do move in the direction which you are looking, so keep this when you are in the battles. The reason why I say this at times I was turning around literally and not even realizing it and there were a few moments I had some tracking issues. Nothing too bad and it was easily adjusted.

Sound wise the music matches the gameplay. At times it’s hard-hitting having the beat go along with the action. Shots sounded like shots and the sounds the enemies made sounded very alien like which added to the fun. Looking at the graphics, I had no problems making out the enemies. There is detail here, but with all the action going on, I am not really concentrating on the graphics. Objects in the distance had a nice look to them. Explosions were beautiful and colorful. But one of the things I really enjoyed is how environments can be destroyed. So if you have an enemy hiding behind a rock, you can shoot the rock to clear out your sites. It really does add to the experience with all the action going on.

If there is something I would love to see is the ability to have a little variety of weapons. I would love at times to have like a sniper rifle where I could actually look down the scope and take out the far away enemies and then switch to the awesome weapon I already have. It would be cool if there was online deathmatch doing a 4 v 4 battles or even Capture the Flag. Does it need it? No. I am just saying that is what I would like and I could see where it would here.

Evasion is a fun time. But there were times that I created a game or tried to join a game to play with someone else because when you add teamwork along with everything else that is going on, that would be a blast. You have the choice to either go at the campaign alone or with a friend and there is even a survival mode where you can see how long both of you would last.

At times when life can hit us hard and it seems that problems just keep coming at us, we sometimes just have to take a minute to stop and escape. This is what is awesome about Virtual Reality and Evasion. Removing reality to be immersed in Virtual Reality and if anything, Evasion shows us that we can handle the enemies that are thrown at us in life and that we don’t have to go at it alone and honestly, isn’t that what a lot of us could use more in life?

Evasion is out now. A review copy was provided. To learn more about Evasion, please visit the site and make sure to like them on Facebook and to follow them on Twitter. To learn more about Archiact Interactive, please visit their site and make sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I am going back in with my Aim controller charged and loaded.