When it comes to Moonlighter the Indie developer 11 bit studios is all in on this project. We get update and DLC packages continuously on some of these AAA titles even if we didn’t ask for them but this…oh man this is something. Of course Indie games have updates and they do have DCL content sometimes but what we are seeing here is what I call real love for your game.

Moonlighter is a great game on its own and I highly recommend it but with all this additional content I feel as if it has become a must buy. What? A must buy? Yes you heard that correctly, a must buy folks. We have already received new content from the developer and now we are getting a big new Adventure update. Check out the details below and if you own the game already, enjoy the new content.

  • NEW GAME +: Play the full Moonlighter adventure again, now with more challenging enemies and bosses! However, we don’t want you to feel exposed. Use the brand new Pirate Weapons and the Amulets to your advantage!

  • PIRATE WEAPONS: A new full set of weapons that are crafted with dimensional pirates knowledge. Those weapons could be enchanted with elemental effects (Confusion, Poison, Fire or Electricity) to alter their power.

  • AMULETS: Mysterious Rings found in the dungeons will offer new abilities for the players. Be careful how you use them, though, because most of them will have some drawbacks as well!

  • QUICK-SELLING MIRROR: One of the most community-requested features is here! Tired of selecting each item to be sold while you’re adventuring? Now you’ll be able to select the Mirror and just click over the elements you want to sell. Handy!

GAME SLOTS: A lot of you have requested this feature – and here it is! Now you’ll be able to have more than one game slot in the game.

General fixes:

  • Updated and improved translations

  • Credits screen no longer gets corrupted upon skipping

  • Controls are now displayed correctly on the tutorial scrolls and HUD buttons

  • In-game UI no longer can be displayed in Main Menu

  • Names of the DLC weapons are now displaying correctly

Dungeon Fixes:

  • Big red slime should no longer push character through walls

  • Fixed “fake floor” in some specific rooms

  • No longer possible to access inventory during Forest Boss fight

  • Fixed opening animation of Forest dungeon doors

  • Helmets no longer pierce through slimes

  • Fixed issue where Hot springs did not stop glowing when they were inactive

  • No longer possible to interact with empty slots at the Blacksmith

  • Fixed infinite loading screen upon returning to Forest Dungeon via portal

  • Bard puppet can no longer make other enemies invulnerable to damage

That is a lot of content for one little dungeon crawler. Not so little now.