Are you ready? It seems that we are about to enter the Borderlands. But what will we be receiving?

Features include:

  • All four original character classes.
  • Full world o Pandora.
  • The Borderlands standard “87 bazillion guns”.

This will also be single player only experience, but because there is no co-op, some of the character abilities will be modified. But that’s not all…we are also getting the “Bad A$$ Mega Fun (BAMF) time which think Matrix bullet time which will give you the speed and reflexes you need for an advantage. So get ready to pull off those 360 no-scope headshots, use that action skill to fight off hordes of those pesky bullymongs, bandits and any other surprised you may encounter. Skill trees will also have specific BAMF improvements and modifications to assist along the way.

If you are wondering about the controls we do have some options. It looks like both the DualShock 4 controller and the Move Controllers will be able to be used that will have pointed teleportation. But it looks like being able to addthe option to control a vehicle might be done with the headset itself which could make things interesting.

So will you enter the lands? Do you have what it takes to survive? Find out when Borderlands 2 comes to PlayStation VR on December 14, 2018!

You can pre-order it now.

Until then…please enjoy…