So back when Sony created the PlayStation Network back in 2006, for whatever reason they completely glossed over the fact that peeps might want to change their PSN usernames one day.

Here we are, in 2018, and it looks like Shawn Layden’s PSX 2017 promise might just come true. Kotaku is reporting that four different anonymous developers have tipped them off saying that Sony has finally figured out how to give Gamers the ability to change their damn usernames!

Three people at three different game studios, speaking anonymously because they were not authorized to talk to press, said that in recent months they’ve been fixing bugs, tweaking settings, and ensuring that their games are compatible with Sony’s plans.

A fourth person who worked for a game studio shared a photo, obtained from internal Sony documentation, of a PSN profile containing the option “edit username.” The documentation was a guide for changing one’s name on the PlayStation Network, that person said.

Said Jason Schreier of Kotaku. This Guy knows his shit. Unfortunately, there’s no timetable but I’m guessing by the end of 2018.

This is for you, X_LordFARTSalot_X, as you’ll be able to become KINGFartsalot2018. That certainly sounds like a keeper!