Are you ready to become the Sinner? Dark Star Game Studios brings us Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption on October 18th. The intense combat and big battles are sure to bring the pain. A game that is inspired by Dark Souls, and Shadow of the Colossus can only mean one thing, there will be plenty of deaths involved. Check out the features and trailer for this game below.


  • Engage in a dark and harrowing tale of sacrifice and redemption

  • Master various weapons and items in your struggle against sin

  • Battle a horde of carefully crafted bosses based on the sins of the protagonist

  • Master Sinner’s hard but fair combat and bring peace to Adam’s tortured soul

  • Experience Sinner’s unique “level-down” gameplay as you sacrifice your strength and stats to battle sins incarnate

  • Unlock multiple endings

  • Enjoy new game modes and re-playable features

Developer: Dark Star Studios

Publisher: Another Indie

Release Date: October 18th 2018