(UPDATE!) It was also brought to our attention that Twisted Metal and Warhawk are also getting the kill switch on the SAME DAY. RIP, Brahs!!


For all the hell that PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale receives for being so similar to the series it was inspired by, the game had quite the fanbase here in the PlayStation Nation.

Now, six years after releasing, Sony is finally closing the doors on the online servers. Because as of October 25th, online multiplayer will be no more.

Noticed by a fan of the series, if you’re thinking about buying the game to play online with your buds, the PlayStation Store’s description makes it clear that you’ll have less than a month to do so. You’ve been warned!

While this is sad news for the game, there’s always hope for a potential sequel. It is always one of the most requested games when we’ve asked about in the past!

So this post is to you, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale! It was a fun ride while it lasted!