With ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission coming very soon to PlayStation VR, the question is do you really know your ASTRO BOT? Well, let’s test what you know.

What is ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission all about? It’s a new platformer that was designed for and given life by PlayStation VR. You will be taking control of ASTRO and go on the most glorious and epic VR mission to rescue your fellow bots who just happen to be all over the place in space.

How many levels are we talking about here? 26 levels with 360 degrees of VR awesomeness.

What controllers will I use? This one will be DualShock 4 all the way.

Will there be any type of interactions? There will be lots and lots of interactions as you will be interacting in the oh mighty of ways.

Are there any bonuses for preordering? This is PSVR…this is ASTRO BOT and these are your preorder bonuses…

  • ASTRO BOT avatars
  • Soundtrack
  • Dynamic Theme

But what about the bosses? Oh, you want to know about bosses, will here you go…

Introduction to the Bosses

So are you excited? Are you ready? Are you ready to go all over and rescue your fellow bots? You don’t have to wait much longer as ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission is set to go on an adventure on October 2, 2018, and you can preorder now.

Until then…please enjoy…