TGS 2018 has come and gone, with one of the biggest games of the show being none other than Bend Studio’s Days Gone. The booth was constantly full, as Gamers were eager to get their hands-on with the Open-world Freaker apocalypse.

Major Japanese Websites are beginning to upload footage of their playthroughs as has given us almost ten minutes of footage to analyze and enjoy.

Watch as Deacon St. John is a man on a mission, as he attempts to clear a few local Freaker Nest. Smile when he combines a baseball, saw blade, and barbed-wire to create a smashingly sweet melee weapon. As get a good look at a mini-horde, human enemies, and how you have to treat your bike like a princess. Seriously. It slowly degrades as you play. If you want to survive this world, you better treat her right.

What do you think, Brah? Is Days Gone for you? Let us know in the comments section! Look for Days Gone on February 22nd, 2019!