Well, it looks like Sony has a new patent on a PlayStation VR headset, but this is an interesting one. It is true that some people may experience motion sickness in Virtual Reality. About 6 months after the PlayStation VR headset launched, Sony filed a headset to help prevent motion sickness. What is interesting is the illustrations for the patent.

So basically with everything in place, the headset would be able to tell when everything is hitting that certain level. But another interesting point is the microphone that can hear words that may result in a negative experience for those that may have motion sickness. But it is not clear if there would be a warning sign like when you may stray off from the “play area” or some other means. This sounds like a better solution than just altering the experience, which could have more of an effect than some may want or experience.

If your question is how much or when we probably wouldn’t see this version or even a possible wireless version until probably with the PS5. This gives Sony enough time to perfect it as much as possible. We won’t know the cost yet, but if version 2.0 does come wirelessly and has the above patent or maybe there will be two versions of one wired and one wireless, we might be looking at a higher price point than what the current PlayStation VR headset is listed or maybe even around the same price as the launch headset.

Either way, this is a very exciting time to start getting hyped. Remember for those that may have a tendency for motion sickness, experience it in small doses and work up to it. So what do you think? Have you been holding off on PlayStation VR and waiting for something wireless? Who knows maybe 2.0 will allow for even more amazing visuals.