Fear the Wolves is another Battle Royale FPS game but this one has a twist. You better run if you see the wolves or at least that is what I have seen so far in early videos. The game is currently available as early access on Steam and Vostok Games is taking feedback from the players to improve your experience. The update they rolled out today will deal with performance optimization that should improve the gameplay.

There has also been updates regarding maps with more landmarks and topography tweaks. This was done to help immerse the player into the game. Another feature to the update will be overall balancing with loot distribution, weapons and fewer players starting in the lobby in order to reduce wait times.

Here are some of the key features being updated.

Map Updates

Several new points of interests have been added to the map, including complex industrial and urban settings. These dense and complex multi-storied buildings have loot on all levels so be careful and thorough!

• Several parts of the map’s topography have been changed, as below:

• Gas Storage

• Old Dam

• Renaissance

• Concrete Plant

• Coolers

• Points of Interest

• Security Checkpoint

• RLS Vostok

• RLS Duga

• Kopachi

Bug fixes

• Wolves will no longer spawn in the air or in the ground.

• Players will no longer fall through the ground when getting out of a vehicle that has been parked on a hill.

• The Fort 17 pistol will now always have a magazine present inside the gun when seen in 3rd person.

• Grass should no longer be growing in the air.

• Various other tweaks and fixes.

Quality of life

• Toggle for movement keys – ADS, Crouch, Walk, Sprint, Hold Breathe

• Ammo is removed for dropped weapon.

• Increased map precision.

• Compass – By popular demand!

• Evacuation messages were removed, to cause players to pay more attention to when the chopper was arriving.

Fear the Wolves brings a new type of Battle Royale and while I’ve heard grumblings about it being the same as others I’d respectfully disagree. There appear to be certain variables in this one that other games just don’t have but that is not to say it’ll change the game. Us console players will have to wait until 2019 when the game fully releases but for now I’m somewhat intrigued.