After becoming the fastest-selling game of 2018 in the UK this past week, Marvel’s Spider-Man is continuing its path of success, this time claiming the #1 spot overall last week in Japan!

According to, Marvel’s Spider-Man moved over 125,000 copies, outselling the second closest contender, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, by 105,000 copies. Yes, we know there’s over 5 million PS4 owners in Japan and the attachment rate isn’t that amazing, but those are pretty good numbers for a game developed by Western studio.

Spidey didn’t do enough to help the PS4 claim the #1 in consoles sold, as it was second to the Nintendo Switch with 12,281 consoles finding a new home during the week ending September 8th.

Could Marvel’s Spider-Man reach over 200K sold? Hard to tell. However, if they made THIS Alternate suit available as DLC, it just might..