Hope you weren’t tired of kicking ass and taking down gangs, as Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios, the famous team behind the Yakuza series have revealed their newest IP, Project JUDGE!

GET READY TO KICK ASS, SERVE JUSTICE, AND.. BE A LAWYER? Wait. What?? Ok, it’s waaaay more complicated than that. Way more. But hey! The game looks fantastic plus you know that gameplay is going to be ab-so-lute FIRE!!

Here’s the first official story trailer of Takayuki Yagami’s tale.

How about some gameplay? Are you ready to kick some ass? Disguise yourself to infiltrate locations? Trailer your suspects?! Project JUDGE IS GONNA GIVE IT TO YA!!

Coming to the West in 2018, Project JUDGE from Sega and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios just made The List!!!