Look out UK, here comes the Spider-Man!! Releasing worldwide this past Friday, Marvel’s Spider-Man has managed to become the fastest-selling game in the UK, surpassing the Far Cry 5, which held the crown for 9 months and released on three different platforms.

The craziest part? It even managed to outsell God of War‘s first week sales by almost double! Will it be able to maintain the sustained success that Kratos had with the onslaught of major games releasing in the coming months? Doubtful, but it should stick around on the UK charts for awhile!

This is the first official numbers that have been revealed for Marvel’s Spider-Man, which is predicted by many major gaming analysts to be one of the best-selling PS4 games of 2018.

Congrats to Insomniac Games on the start of their success and stay tuned for our review of Marvel’s Spider-Man!!