PS Cooper nestled himself against a damp cardboard box that was just about to crumble to pieces. He knew time wasn’t on their side but with everything that had happened it was important to let everyone gather themselves.

“How you holding up?” Sim asked him.

“I’m good, I’m good. Just thinking about finding that game and which one it will be, it’s exciting,” he replied with little enthusiasm.

Sim noticed and he wasn’t sure what was going through PS Cooper’s mind but it wasn’t excitement.

“I remember the day I was unpackaged. I looked up and everything was so bright. It took a second for my eyes to adjust and then I saw it, a smiling face from ear to ear. It was glorious. She wrapped her slender fingers around my body and I nestled myself in her palm. It was love at first sight I tell you. Her skin, my plastic, it melted together as one and when she touched my power button for the first time…” Sim paused and vibrated, “It gave me a shiver.”

The look on PS Cooper’s face was that of awkwardness.

“Not sure where you are going with this,” he said.

“I’ll never get that feeling back. The day she left me at that pawn shop was the day my heart broke.”

“I’m sorry,” said Cooper.

“Don’t be, I think she was becoming a zombie by that time. The missing teeth and skin sores was a real turnoff…I mean sad to see…yeah. Look what you are going to get is an experience you have never had, you get that moment.”

“That is if we make it,” said Cooper.

“We will,” reassured Sim.

Without warning as he tended to do Mike rushed over to them and stopped abruptly and out of breath.

“Its…crap…he is…well…I think he is…dead,” said Mike.

PS Cooper and Sim rushed over to see what in the world had happened as Crap did appear deceased.

“What happened?!” Asked Cooper.

“I don’t know, one minute he was talking and then he started to get real slow and then lights out man,” said Okura the 4th.

“Come on Okura not you too,” said Cooper.

Okura just looked at him as if he had no idea what he was talking about.

“Crap! Hey Crap! Are you still with us buddy? Nothing,” said Cooper.

“I told you lights out.”

“Yeah he’s dead Cooper,” said Mike.

“I can’t take this anymore! Why does everything have to be so dark?!” Sim shouted.

“Whoa calm down Sim,” said Mike.

“No you calm down. This is not what I wanted leaving the pawn shop. Death all around us! All around us!”

“This is literally the only thing that has died since we left the shop Sim,” said Okura.

Sim paused for a second and looked around almost as if he was lost. He gave Cooper a smirk and then shrugged.

“Yeah I got caught up. My bad guys. I’m good now.”

PS Cooper looked over at Okura and mouthed the letters “WTF” as he was totally baffled by Sims outburst.

“Oh man what is going on?”

Everyone jumped back in shock.

“Crap…he’s still alive,” said Mike.

“Hey man don’t sound all like disappointed man.”

Mike rolled his eyes and everyone looked on waiting for Crap to give them a reason for what just happened.

“You guys never heard of a power nap man?”

“We don’t have time for this, can we go now?” Mike said annoyed.

“I think he’s right, we should probably head out for the gaming store. The longer we hang out in one spot the more we risk someone stumbling upon us,” said Cooper.

“I don’t think we are going to have that problem,” said Okura.

“Regardless, we’ve been here long enough.”

“You take care of yourself Crap, maybe we will see you again someday,” said Sim.

“Well hey man, I could come with you guys and show you the way man.”

“No!” Mike shouted. “I mean no we wouldn’t want you to risk running back into anymore robbers. I fine piece of electronics like yourself would get snatched up right away.”

“Yeah man, you’re probably right. Better safe than sorry man,” said Crap.

PS Cooper, Mike the Toaster, Sim the Flip Phone and Okura the Gameboy all made their way to the end of the alley way. Cooper peered around the corner to see if anyone was lurking about on the streets.

“It looks clear,” said Cooper.

“Remember man,” the four of them jumped from being startled, “Find 18th street and you’re golden man.”

“Thank you Crap,” said Cooper.

The four of them darted out into the street and started down the side of the curb. It was Cooper’s idea to stay close so they could hide if necessary or look like trash that had washed down the street. The plan was solid if only they could execute it to perfection. The street was dimly lit and was beneficial for them as they could hide in the shadows in certain spots. As they made their way close to the end of the street Cooper stopped dead in his tracks.

“Do you hear that?” Asked Cooper.


“No what do you hear Cooper?” Sim asked.

“It sounds like a hissing sound. You don’t hear that?”

“Wait, I hear something,” said Okura.

“I hear it now as well,” said Mike.

“It’s getting louder,” Cooper said with a nervous tone in his voice.

The sound was indeed getting louder and just as they realized it was coming from behind them the sound became a roar.

“Ruuuunn!” Cooper screamed as all four did the best running electronics and a toaster could do.

“There up ahead,” Cooper pointed out a hole in the side of the curb, “In there quick!”

They moved as quickly as possible and one by one they plunged into the hole. Breathing frantically Cooper was relieved the big piece of machinery didn’t eat them alive.

“Where is Sim?” Okura asked.

“Sim? Sim?!”

“Oh no,” Cooper said as he trembled in fear for his friend.