Here we go! Another month of PS+ has been revealed and September 2018 offers one helluva’ group of games! Why? Because every game on this list can be played on the PS4. BRAH YEAH. Better yet, Destiny 2 is available for DOWNLOAD RIGHT NOW!

  • Destiny 2 (PS4)
  • God of War III: Remastered (PS4)
  • Knowledge is Power (PS Plus Bonus – PlayLink)
  • Here They Lie (PS Plus Bonus – PS VR not required)
  • Another World – 20th Ann. Ed. (PS3 + PS4/PS Vita)
  • QUBE Director’s Cut (PS3 + PS4)
  • Foul Play (PS Vita + PS4)
  • Sparkle 2 (PS Vita + PS4)

So what do you think, Brah? Will you have time to play any of these games this month with titles like Dragon Quest XI and Marvel’s Spider-Man releasing? Let us know in the comments below!