The Church in the Darkness brings a unique stealth game with some very interesting gameplay. I found this game quite some time ago but was unsure how I felt about it. Developer Paranoid Productions takes us back to the 1970s as you play as Vic an ex-law enforcement officer who must infiltrate a cult in South America in order to find his nephew Alex. There Isaac and Rebecca Walker have built freedom town a socialist Utopia, or at least that is their intentions. This is where I started to get a little curious but also worried. I didn’t know how this would play out and what angle they would take. How much of a religious aspect would be a part of the game? How insane would this cult act? I started digging and watching videos and listening to commentary. The more I uncovered about this game the more I began to believe this might actually be a great game.

The major point of this game is stealth. “Yeah we know we’ve played stealth games before,” I said at first. It doesn’t have to be just another stealth game though. In The Church in the Darkness each play through changes. The scenarios, the story, the way the NPS’s react. It all changes from game to game. Intrigued yet? I sure was. You will be sneaking around the camp listening to the PA system in order to get the full story of what is going on. Genius if you ask me. As you find your way through the open environment you will be able to take out guards with non-lethal tactics or kill them if you see fit. You will also run across NPC’s that are not aggressive, they will literally run away from you if they spot you but they will set off the alarm alerting the angry mob. Vic is able to disable the alarms and you can find outfits to help you disguise yourself as well. Taking out the cultist in stealthy manner, digging through documents to find out what in the hell is going on, disabling alarms, having shootouts, or point a gun at someone and watch them run away with their hands up is something you need to see. Definitely something I need to experience. The game does not have a set release date yet but is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

 Check out some of the Key Features to the game.

▪ Set inside the Collective Justice Mission, a religious cult in the 1970s, whose true motives will only be revealed as you infiltrate Freedom Town, their remote community built in the South American jungle.

▪ Top-down action-infiltration gameplay that lets you play the game however you want, from total stealth, to non-lethal tactics for taking out the guards, to killing anyone who gets in your way.

▪ Highly replayable game, with shifting gameplay challenges and objectives for each playthrough, and a dynamic narrative that changes the motives of the cult leaders. The shifting narrative and player choices lead to many possible endings.

▪ Cult leaders Rebecca and Isaac Walker are brought to life by real-life husband and wife Ellen McLain (best known as GlaDOS in the Portal games) and John Patrick Lowrie (best known as the Sniper in Team Fortress 2).

Check out the gameplay trailer and let us know what you think.