How’s it going fight fans? If you’re reading this then you are probably into fighting games such as this one. Brawlout developed by Angry Mob Games gives you some familiar faces to fight with and by far my favorite was the Hyper Light Drifter. Let’s dive into some of the gameplay features.


This is your basic brawling game where you attack the other opponent and try to knock them off a platform. You can fight from 2 to 4 players and even team up if you want. You can beat down your opponent until they become weaker and that will cause them to fly further away. In couch play this is fine but play in single player and you can forget about it because your opponent always seems to find a way back onto the platform. After smashing the same few combos over and over again you get frustrated when you uppercut your opponent across the screen only to see them come out from under the platform and make it back on. Super annoying. While the action is fast the combat just becomes repetitive. It has more to with button smashing rather than putting combos together. Each players does have their own special move and some of these are pretty cool.

Game Modes         

Here you have your basic game modes to get you going. Couch play is basically what we all know it to be, local play with a friend or friends. This can be fun and get hectic while four people are flying around trying to smash each other but again it gets stale after a while.

Single player is climb the tower by defeating said opponents. Of course it goes from easy to hard and all that means is they add more fighters for you to fight at one time. Again, going up the tower was fun the first time but with the bland one liners that I am guessing was supposed to give us a story the game quickly becomes stale. The characters are great in this game but they didn’t utilize them enough to keep you interested. Move up the tower and collect your coins only to repeat.

Online play is more of the same. 1v1, ranked or private lobby. I played a handful of matches online but I admit I was out of my league when it comes to this game. Maybe I should have practiced for a few more hours before jumping in but I digress.

Now that the basic game modes are out of the way let’s talk about characters and items. This aspect could have enticed me to play the game more but it failed and for one main reason. I do not want to spend hours upon hours to unlock one item. Do I want a challenge? Yes. However, there is no reason to make someone fight soooo many fights just for a cosmetic item.

Then there is unlocking character variants. It takes a very long time to unlock any of the other characters that you might want to play with and by that time I was getting tired of the game. Honestly it was as if they didn’t want you to play with those characters at all. There are some really cool skins and gear I would’ve liked to check out but it was taking forever to get them. You can even get taunts and other avatars but good luck. This might have been the point where I seriously was over the game. I wanted to check out all the characters and I just didn’t have enough time.


While Brawlout wants to be like the other fighter games I feel as if it came up just short. It has the potential but too many things hold this one back. It’s average gameplay with fun in the beginning that slowly faded away. The combat is fun for a while and it’s awesome to play with the character from Guacemelee along with others but that’s not enough. How about add some depth to these characters with a tad bit more story and team them up against a dangerous foe. Unfortunately we didn’t get that just a bunch of one liners.

The good thing is if you really enjoy these types of games you will probably have fun. I did enjoy the game even with its long loading screens and insane reward system. I played it with friends and we screamed and hollered when someone would get knocked out. My son and his buddies seemed to have a lot of fun playing the game and I was happy for them. I just can’t see recommending this game for a $20 price tag when it should be around $5 or better yet, free.

Rating: 6 out of 10