Ever wish that with everything going on in your life that you could escape where it was just you and nature out on a lake and be able to just fish? What about searching for some treasure or just skipping some stones? How about just you on your own little boat enjoying some music or maybe just the peacefulness that you may not be able to find at home? Well, you no longer to ask these questions because now you can do all this and more…

  • Row your boat to find that perfect fishing location or just explore and appreciate the environment.
  • Use your rod to lure the fish with different kinds of bait and lures along with haptic feedback.
  • Can you catch the biggest fish or will they break your line…you will need to plan ahead.
  • Over 30 original music tracks to enjoy on your onboard boat radio.
  • Discover more than just fish out on the lake.
  • If you don’t want to fish, then enjoy the atmosphere. It’s just you out there on that lake.

So what will you catch? What will you release? Find out when Catch & Release comes to PlayStation VR on August 28th, 2018.

Until then…please enjoy…