Another day and another barrage of trailers. This time we get Battlefield V and man did we get a live one! Battlefield V is showing off some impressive ways they have changed the game with ‘The Company’ and how you can customize your collection of soldiers. These games are always intense and you want a really good squad if you plan on winning. One thing I loved hearing from this trailer is how the medic is being utilized better in Battlefield V. Playing as the medic was always my go to choice but I felt it made you an easy target and you didn’t always have the right tools to survive. Hopefully we get more on the medic before release. This is more about personalizing your company and growing as a player by advancing in the game. As long as Dice doesn’t use those damn pesky micro transactions this game will be worth those hefty price tags.

Will you be joining World War 2 and taking your company to the next level? Let us know what you think about the new features in the comments below.