Set seven months after the initial virus outbreak that left the world crumbling around itself The Division 2 by Ubisoft is ready to activate new agents. This time the setting is Washington D.C. and the only hope the nation has is you. Now I was a big fan of The Division and I played this for quite some time. I played alone and with friends. The experience of the game to me was fantastic and while I preferred playing outside of the Darkzone I still found myself venturing in with others. We will have to see what Ubisoft can bring to the table here in order to keep the game fresh but for me it’s more about the campaign. I really enjoyed how the previous game was setup and the story kept me involved. Approve upon that and I think it will be a hit. Regurgitate the same product and it just might flop. Either way this agent will be activated come day one.

Check out the new gameplay trailer below from Gamescom 2018.