Flipping Death released by indie developer Zoink recently is a dark comedic delight. You play as Penny a not so Goth girl who quit (got fired) her job and meets an untimely demise. She soon finds herself in denial as Death himself forces her into his job. I won’t spoil it but it was a funny moment. That is the heart of this game, it finds the perfect timing for the punchline.

As you take over for Death you quickly become the errand girl for the other ghosts lurking about. The first ghost you’re introduced to explains how to accomplish these errands. So basically a tutorial on what to do. In order to help them out you will need to move back and forth from the land of the living to the realm of the dead. You can do this by possessing the living people that you can see from your side but you will need to collect enough souls beforehand. These people all have specific uses to perform the task you need to accomplish.

For example in one particular part of the game you need to possess a bird that enjoys pooping and then use him to perform his business on a local who is fed up with him pooping on his food. This will put the man into rage mode and he breaks out a potato launcher. Then the funny ensues and again I won’t spoil that part for you.

The cartoonish style with side-scrolling action works really well especially when some parts of the game appear 3D. There is just so much texture to this game its incredible to look at.

One of the best actions they put in this game was fast travelling to people you’ve already possessed. This comes in handy in a lot of situations throughout the game. Penny also uses a scythe to get to those hard to reach places. All you have to do is throw the scythe where you want to be and tada! You can teleport right to it. This was a fun addition into the game and even though it doesn’t always work that great it is still fun to use.

All of your missions are tracked for you as well in the menu screen and if you get stuck there is a section in the menu that gives you hints, in picture form. Some are super easy to decipher and others will have you scratching your head.


Flipping Death was…well a flipping good time. With its dark humor and comical cast it keeps your attention well. Each errand is like a puzzle and while it can get frustrating at times the hints help alleviate that pressure. I wouldn’t expect to be blown away by the gameplay here and the clunky controls cause you to repeat things often. However, visually this game is outstanding and add that with a mysterious plot, funny characters and you will enjoy this game.

I had a lot of fun seeing who I could possess and what actions they would perform. Kind of like the finger poking guy. I laughed my butt off with him running around poking people or when I used the little girl to scare the fire fighter, oh man that was hilarious. A little sad and demented but hilarious all the same. Just remember this game is meant to be silly, keep that in mind and you’ll have fun, I sure did.

Rating 8 out of 10