Brah! There’s been several Marvel’s Spider-Man trailers over the past two years that has made Spider-Man fans full of glee. This newest one trailer focuses on the immense Open-world of New York you’ll be saving and everything that you’ll be doing in it. Spoiler: that’s a Galactus-sized load of content in this game.

It also now my favorite trailer yet. Why? One name for you: J. Jonah Jameson. Spider-Man’s life-long rival narrates this trailer until a “Peter Patterson” calls in to defend our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. Watch the trailer. BE ENTERTAINED!!

Hilarious banter + Brahmazing visuals + new snippets of unseen gameplay = a damn good trailer that continues to fuel my Spider-hype!!!

September 7th, Brah!!! It is going to be SPECTACULAR!!!