In The Brah’s humble opinion, Ghost of Tsushima was easily one of the most impressive games of E3 2018. I was blown away by what Sucker Punch Productions presented to the PlayStation Nation. Gameplay looked Brahsome. The graphics looked freagin’ next-gen. You could see the passion the team is putting into the game to make Gamers feel as if they’ve been transported back to the island of Tsushima during the Mongol invasion of 1274.

In this series of ‘Making of’ videos, Creative Director Nate Fox goes into detail about how the team is going the extra mile to make the game feel authentic yet having the freedom to put their on spin on things.

Ghost of Tsushima still doesn’t have a release date, but if we were to bet, we would go with Fall 2019. If you somehow missed the E3 2018 footage, watch it NOW and prepare to be amazed!