Brah. Let’s face it. Spider-Man can do whatever a spider can. HE HAS RADIOACTIVE BLOOD! Spidey has helped save the world so many times I’ve lost count. So what would happen if he theoretically had to battle Kratos from God of War? Creative Director of Marvel’s Spider-Man, Bryan Intihar gave his answer when asked in an interview with Gamespot.

Oh god, who would win Spider-Man or Kratos? Sorry, Cory it’s going to be Spider-Man all the way!

WHAT WERE YOU EXPECTING??! Bryan is the Creative Director of possibly the biggest Spider-Man game of ALL TIME. Until the inevitable sequel that is.

Look, I LOVE Spider-Man. He’s my favorite super hero. We all know Spidey has his spider-sense, thus giving him the ability to dodge those Leviathan axe throws, but Kratos killed a whole pantheon on Gods. Now he’s working on the Norse Gods. Do you really think Spider-Man has a really chance if it came down to it?!?

The full video is a scant 3 minutes and nineteen seconds long. Why not see Bryan’s reaction to the question AND a bit of gameplay action??!

Be honest. Who do YOU think would win in this battle of PlayStation Icons?!

S E P T E M B E R 7 T H ! ! ! Are you ready to Be Greater??!