With Firewall Zero Hour coming out on August 28th, I thought it would be a good time to bring us up to date with what we know so far and to get updated with the latest info.

First, what is Firewall Zero Hour? An exclusive strategic team-based multiplayer coming to PlayStation VR on August 28th, 2018.

What is the objective? There will be two teams up to 8 players. One team will try and ‘Attack’ by bypassing all the Firewall access points, locate the laptop, and hack to obtain the info needed…thus making a decision that if you do not succeed will put you on some list of second-rate tactical team that would only be hired if there was no one else depending on how well you were trained.

The other team will ‘DEFEND’ the laptop, strengthen your location,  secure the Firewall access points, and thus forcing the other team into choke points to stop the hack that will protect the data…thus making you redeemed by society and making you the hero you have always wanted to be.

What will the maps be like? So you want to at least have an idea of how the maps will be like? I mean it’s not like you are going to separate from your team and hide and try to be the hero. But let’s explore the maps…


How many mercenaries can I select from? There are 12, so pick one or try them all. But let’s get a little more familiar with them…

What type of weapons are we talking about here? There are many and they can be upgraded.

Do I really need to be part of the team or can I be the hero? Well, teamwork and strategy play a major part in Firewall Zero Hour, but if you want to go all Rambo, feel free, but the rest of the team may not be able to pay their respects right then and there. But you could be one of the lucky ones where both teams stop, reflect on your performance and circle around singing Kumbaya My Lord while saying R.I.P.

Will there be a digital-only version? No, you can pre-order the digital version here or be able to pick up the physical version at your favorite retailer.

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What is my motivation for preordering?

1) First Contact Entertainment made it,

2) Why wouldn’t you?

3) It’s exclusive to PlayStation VR.


Will I be able to use the Aim Controller? Yes…yes you will.

What if I don’t have an Aim Controller? You are in luck as there will be a bundle. So now you no excuses.

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But how immersive is it really? Immersion is a key element in VR and when you have the action, the sounds, the explosions, the multiplayer, the blaming of your teammates for always being the one that goes down and needs saving…immersion is very important and First Contact Entertainment would not have it any other way.

Ok…ok…I’m hyped now. I can’t wait to play. What now? We all understand your pain…in fact, here at The PlayStation Brahs, we are very excited to play as well. But there really is only 4 things you, I or any of us can do at this point until August 28th, 2018…

  1. Preorder Firewall Zero Hour now!!!
  2. Keep up with First Contact Entertainment by visiting their site, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.
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  4. In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy…