With the first gameplay trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 out now I thought it would be fun to take a look at my top 5 gun slinging bad asses. We all know there are way more out there but this is a list of characters that I really loved.

Aya Brea

Introduced in Parasite Eve released in 1998. New on the job Aya is thrusted into the spotlight when she witnesses what can only be described as one of the most horrific crimes ever, an opera. I am kidding of course. No everyone around her spontaneously combusts into flames and that is when she gives chase. Aya basically hunts down Eve throughout the game and tries to uncover what in the world is actually going on. In the game she wields just about any kind of gun you can think of including rocket launchers. She is a bona fide badass as she somehow is able to survive many encounters with Eve, who is pretty much wreaking havoc on anyone else left in New York. She is tough, intelligent and could probably kick your butt.

Leon Kennedy

This character first appeared in Resident Evil 2 released in 1998 and while Claire Redfield was a badass in her own right Leon was in two of my favorite Resident Evil games. This poor guy gets a kick in the face on his first day on the job. How many people could survive a new city while fighting zombies infected with the T-Virus? Not very many. He doesn’t stop there though as he becomes a special agent sent to Europe on a rescue mission in Resident Evil 4. There he fights a freaking cult and their crazed followers. You put Leon in a precarious situation and he will find a way to survive.

Sir Galahad

Also known as Grayson this character appeared in The Order 1886 released in 2015. I might catch a little flack for putting this guy on the list but the shooting in the game to me was epic. The highly underrated use of guns with this gameplay blows my mind. Now, the main character is a little bit of an older gentleman. He has seen his fair share of fights to say the least. Not only does he possess the skill to gun down the normal bad guy but he is also tasked with hunting down Lycans and Vampires! Yeah you heard me correctly. Our main character here survives an airship crash, imprisonment and hordes of Lycans along with shady brothels. He wields his weapons with precision and even gets nifty ones from none-other than Nikola Tesla. Sir Galahad is thrown through the ringer and comes out the other side on top. It is very hard not to cheer on a man of his stature.

John Marston

I hope you wasn’t expecting John to be number one. First introduced in Red Dead Redemption in 2010 Mr. Marston is the Wild West gunslinger. Set in 1911 the outlaw has a dilemma when the Bureau requests that he brings his old gang to justice. From there he goes on a wild chase across the landscape saving ranches, hunting outlaws for bounties, daring stagecoach fights and gun fighting from horseback. Mr. Marston is tough as nails and he will stop at nothing to make sure his family is safe. This character is about as good as it gets when it comes to gunslingers and he doesn’t disappoint in one of the most epic endings to a video game.

Max Payne

The man, the myth, the legend. Can we all agree that former NYPD officer Max Payne has seen some shit? Seriously I don’t mean to be crude but that is what Max embodies after he finds his wife and child murdered. He is hardened but beaten down at the same time. I was left with my jaw on the floor the first time a played Max Payne released in 2001. The way he moved. The way he spoke. The way he dodged bullets or even the way he went into full on rage killing anything and everything in a room. If there is one guy that could take down an entire police force Matrix style this would be the guy. He has become borderline psychotic and by the third game he was a delusional drunk. That is what makes him such a bad dude. Pop in the pain killers, down it with a bottle of booze, steady your aim and then kill every S.O.B in your way. I don’t know of a guy that has had a run of bad luck like him, yet in a dire situation you know that he is going to pull through. With a name like Max Payne how could you expect anything less of this badass.

Is your favorite gunslinger not on the list? Let us know who you would have added in the comments below.