BOY!! By now you’ve probably beat God of War by now. If you haven’t, hurry up because the next major update is heading our way as the highly requested New Game+ mode is finally descending from Valhalla!!

Proclaimed as the “biggest update yet” for God of War, along with the New Game+ comes a slew of changes:

  • Brahsome new armor sets and enchantments giving you the power to kick even MORE ass!
  • New Game+ introduces ‘skap slag’, a new upgrade material to collect to trade to yo’ favorite blacksmiths to upgrade your gear even further
  • The ability to skip cutscenes in normal and New Game+ once you’ve beat the game.
  • Now that you’re more even more Dad of War, your enemies have advanced too. Watch out as they’ve learned a new move or two.
  • New Game+ mode which allows you to continue with all your previous gear and upgrades from when you finished the game on any difficulty!
  • As you can see, Santa Monica Studios went all in with this mode!! They’ve done a fantastic job of adding new content and quickly correcting any issues God of War has had since release.
  • Who’s ready for some more Dad of War?!