Tic toc, tic toc, do you hear that? That is the sound of time running out for you to prepare yourself for the We Happy Few release on August 10th, 2018. The title from Compulsion Games has seen its fair share of content already but we recently received some more stellar news. Not only do we get this gorgeous looking game but now we know there will be additional content after release. It will be a free update if the “additional content” didn’t entice you enough.

How about a little sandbox mode to get you to take your joy. Here you will be able to customize the game how you see fit. You will be able to change certain rules and even play as a Wellie. Put on that thinking cap because the world of We Happy Few is ready to see your creativity.

How about some more juicy news? Included with the Deluxe Edition there will be a season pass! This will give you three different stories set in Wellington Wells. Talk about a bonus. Do not fret though, the content will be available for purchase after launch as well.

Check out the three stories you get with the season pass.

Roger & James in: They Came From Below!

Precocious Roger and Impetuous James set off in search of adventure and love, only to uncover bizarre technology and a terrifying new threat. All is not as it seems. Or is it exactly as it seems?


Heartthrob, artist, and personal trainwreck, Nick Lightbearer is Wellington Wells’ most celebrated rock star—but what truly makes him tick? Tune in to Uncle Jack’s late show to find out.

We All Fall Down

Much like any well-worn happy mask, all societies develop cracks in their veneer. But that doesn’t mean you should go digging up dirt from the past. Right? *pops a Joy pill* Right!