Indie developer Funcom is back at it and this time the mutants are in charge! That’s right the human race is extinct. The tactical adventure game Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is slated to release sometime in 2018 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game is built off of a turn-based combat system but stealth is an asset as well. The real-time stealth approach will allow you to avoid enemies or surprise them with a sneak attack.

Mutant Year Zero also boasts some really sweet looking graphics. I can watch the clip of a team of mutants sneaking through an enemy camp over and over again. Seriously you will be surprised by the detail in this game.

When you are not out venturing through abandoned cities you can visit the Ark, a place to restock, which we all know means to lock and load. I am kidding of course but you will be able to equip anything from slingshots to high-powered rifles in order to protect yourself. I can already see me running around with a slingshot trying to knock enemies out with a shot to the back of the head.

The three main characters that have been introduced so far are Dux, Bormin and Selma but it looks like you will be able to control other characters as well. I really want to play as the duck character. I don’t know why but I keep thinking of Howard the Duck and now he is the only character I want to use to kick some butt. Yes…we already know how obsessive I can be about these types of things.

Let’s be real for a second though. It certainly looks as if Funcom has put together another solid game here. I love the idea of controlling these mutants as a team and scavenging around overgrown areas. Then add in the fact you can use stealth to get by those pesky bad guys that seem to keep giving you a hard time, well it just sounds like a great mixture. I love that this is coming from an indie developer and I think it’s going to make some people really happy. We just need that release date now.

Check out this sweet and funny trailer while we wait.