The world is a dangerous place and sometimes you just need to make an impact and watch things go kaboom. You will need to take all the skills and tricks that you have learned from the collectible card games, the tower defenses, and the most intense online battles in order to make it.

Some of the features include:

  • Engage in 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 battles & even take to the roads in the full-featured VR mode.
  • With over 70 different units to choose from, build a deck that fits any playstyle. The matches that you win you are able to gain new cards, scraps, and unlock new & more powerful units.
  • DEPLOY your vehicles onto the battlefield. DRIVE, jump, & shoot your way to victory. But we knew it was going to happen…in fact, we encourage you to crash into your enemy’s vehicles, blow up their defenses, and DESTROY their tanks to secure the win.
  • Choose from our 3 factions which contain unique cards to collect, vehicles to drive, environments to play in & music to enjoy.
  • Take to the roads in a whole new way with our fully featured VR version of VROOM KABOOM. While a VR headset is not required to play, VROOM KABOOM VR takes the insanity. turns it on its head, and drives it to a whole new dimension!

So the question now is, what will you deploy, drive, and destroy? Find out when VROOM KABOOM comes to PlayStation and PlayStation VR on August 14th, 2018.

Until then…please enjoy…