So a few weeks ago I started asking around about this game called Genesis Alpha One and every single time the person I asked had no clue what I was talking about. Developed by Radiation Blue this indie title is getting ready to launch on September 4, 2018. Yes you heard me correctly. This is an indie game. Peel back your eyelids and check out this first person shooter that is about to take us on one hell of a space ride. 

Genesis Alpha One is set in the future and as the captain of a starship it is your responsibility to manage said ship. You will have to farm resources, combat aliens and this is the real cool part, you can tinker with alien DNA to generate different creatures. Sounds pretty crazy? Well that’s not all. While you are searching for a new home you will also be able to clone the aliens to help build a more efficient crew. I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes.

As the captain you will be exploring a randomly generated universe so you know what that means…it is a must that you expand your ship in order to accommodate all the aliens you will be experimenting on.You know you’re thinking about it right now.

The game also features alien infestations. Apparently it is very important to take care of these quickly or they can overrun you and your crew. That means you can kiss that pretty new starship you built good bye. Don’t worry though, you will be equipped with turrets, blasters and all sorts of defenses to fend off the nasty little critters. Sheesh just look at that guy below.

Can we touch on cloning again? Just for a second. So it appears you will have the technology to not only clone creatures but actually create new lifeforms. This is some serious sci-fi stuff at work here. The game will let you take DNA from aliens you come across and splice them with members aboard your ship. Remind me not to sign up as one of the crew members. This is next level. I am not sure exactly how this is going to work or what the finished product will be but I know most of us can’t wait to start experimenting.

If you have heard about Genesis Alpha One then great but if not then my job has been done. This has the look and feel of a fantastic game and if the developers come through with these features then the game is going to blow people away. I need to take a step back for a moment because the hype of cloning things has my mind racing. Take a look at the survival trailer below and you be the judge. Do you think this indie title will break our hearts? Or can they pull of this incredible space adventure?