It looks like End Space is getting a massive 1.04 update titled “The Collective Update”. But what is in this update you might be asking…well I am glad you asked…


End Space 1.0.4 – The Collective Update Patch Notes:

  • Update to Unity 2018.1.6
  • New Planet shaders
  • Added a pointer to the end of motion controllers for easier UI navigation
  • Added option to disable controller vibration
  • Added armor and shield hit sound effects
  • Added a voice prompt when shields are critical
  • Ship Upgrades menu now shows actual stats of weapon upgrades
  • Added in warp sound effect
  • Added smoothing to transitioning between Boosting & Braking while using Gaze for Flight
  • Update to PS4 SDK 5.5
  • Improved a lot of sound effects
  • Looking at the targeting reticle will now also acquire a target lock
  • Explosions look better and are more realistic
  • Added animated planet textures
  • Switched to new native Unity and Rewired support for HOTAS
  • Balance Changes
  • AI controlled ships are much more accurate and dynamic
  • Foxhound missile damage increased by 15
  • Meteor Missile damage decreased by 25
  • TLF and UTC Fighters now have a 90-degree front firing arc
  • TLF Bombers now have a 360 firing arc
  • UTC Fighter damage increased by 15
  • Reduced TLF Fighter Damage for all ship types
  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Solo cannon playing the wrong sound effect
  • Pulse laser wasn’t doing the correct amount of damage
  • The fixed volume of Solo and Plasma cannons
  • Improved LOD performance
  • Research Station doesn’t move when a section of the station is destroyed
  • Fix for Station Rescue not being able to be completed in certain cases
  • TLF Cruisers now have the correct HP
  • The player could acquire a target lock while dead in some cases
  • Star particles were playing when the player was dead and not moving
  • Credit count was missing from Ammo Upgrade store
  • Fix UI issue where moving your head could select items while using a gamepad to use the UI
  • Fixed issue where the Turret could get stuck pointing up
  • Fixed AI not being able to target the ship attacking it
  • Fix for UTC Fighter not helping in LZ-129
  • Bunch of smaller fixes
  • Fix for Station Rescue bug that could prevent mission completion
  • Fix for audio not fading in and out between scenes
  • UTC Turrets didn’t have sound effects
  • Ship reticles are no longer removed when out of range
  • Minefield particles had the wrong color
  • Fixed warp in of cargo ship in Lost Cargo
  • Fixed a crash bug related to the Save Data API and Unity’s scripting backend

So it does sound a massive update that should be live as of August 2nd, 2018.

End Space is out now.

In case you missed the trailer…please enjoy…