“Did you hear that?” Whispered Sim, “I can’t see a thing.”

“I don’t hear anything,” said PS Cooper.

At that moment a bang rang out from a trash can and then a bottle smashed to the ground. A slow dragging sound could be heard in the distance.

“Maybe it’s a sloth or a turtle,” Sim whispered.

“And those would be your two choices,” Mike said as he sighed.

They all huddled around each other not knowing what would come out from the shadows.

“Hey man,” came a slow and slurred voice.

Out from the darkness came a car radio dragging its end along with numerous wires still attached.

“Oh thank the heavens,” mumbled Sim.

“Could you man up for a moment,” said Mike.

“But he is a phone,” added Okura the 4th.

Mike just cut his eyes towards Okura as if to tell him that he was not amused.

“Well…like what are you guys doing here in the alley way man?” Asked the radio.

“We could ask you the same thing,” responded PS Cooper.

“Oh, yeah I guess you’re right man,” the radio looked confused, “Hey but like, I asked first and all. So doesn’t that mean something like you gotta answer first?”

“No, if you ask first then we get to ask a follow up question and you have to answer that question before we can answer the question that you asked,” Cooper explained with confidence.

The radio looked down and they could tell he was struggling to find his words.

“Yeah so I was just hanging out minding my own business in this car right. Then all of a sudden I hear a smash and glass was like everywhere. I was like whoa…and then this really ugly dude starting prying on things. Next thing I knew I was ripped away from my home.”

“That is terrible,” said Sim.

“Yeah I know right, tragic man,” said the radio.

“That doesn’t explain how you ended up here in the alley,” said Cooper.

“Oh yeah right. So like the guy ran off and came into this alley here and he looked down at me man and I was all kinds of scared you know because his face was just really bad and then he got all angry and said something about a cassette player or something. That was when he tossed me on the ground. Dude didn’t even have the decency to throw me in a trash can. That ground hurts man.”

“Stimulating conversation,” groaned Mike.

Cooper nudged Mike and gave him the same look he gave Okura. He shrugged it off and decided to let Cooper handle the situation.

“So what’s your name?” Asked Cooper.

“Names Crap and that’s short for piece of crap man.”

“Well that is certainly one for the books,” said Okura.

“Nice to me you Crap. I am PS Cooper and this is Mike, Sim and Okura the 4th.”

“Hey fellas it’s really nice to me you,” said crap.

“Crap does this ally lead anywhere?” Asked Mike.

“Oh yeah it leads over to the next street but I’ve been afraid to leave the alley. Nothing really bothers me here. I just hang around and do nothing all day. It’s pretty sweet man,” he replied.

“Well I don’t think we are going to be hanging around for long,” said Cooper.

“Why not? There is plenty of room for you guys,” Crap responded as if his feelings were being hurt.

“We have to find a place so we can plug in PS Cooper and also find a disc to put inside of him,” answered Sim.

“Hey I don’t need to know about your sick plans man,” said Crap.

They appeared annoyed and frustrated with the conversation but Crap did not pick up on it at all.

“He is a gaming console that was orphaned at the pawn shop. We are looking for a disc with a game on it so he can know what it’s like to be useful for once in his life,” explained Mike.

“Why didn’t you just say so man, before I was so abruptly ripped from my home we use to stop at this place and the dude would go in and then come out and plop down a bunch of discs like that. At least I am assuming that’s what they were,” said Crap.

“Do you know what this place was called?” Asked Cooper.

“Hmm…the bag had the name on it. That was so long ago man. I think it was Gaming lace. No that wasn’t it. Gaming mace. No.”

“Just try and visualize it Crap,” said Cooper.

“I am man, I am. I don’t know what that word means though.”

All of them shook their heads in disbelief.

“I got it, Gaming case!” Crap said as if he was absolutely sure of it.

“Are you sure?” Asked Cooper.

“No,” he replied.

A grumble could be heard from Mike and even Cooper was getting a little frustrated.

“Do you think maybe it was called Gaming place?” Asked Okura.

“That’s it man, Gaming place,” said Crap, “I knew I’d remember it, you just have to give the brain time.”

“Fantastic Crap. Now can you tell us where this place might be?” Cooper asked worried that this would take them down a whole new path of confusion.

“Oh yeah man that is on the other side of town on 18th street about hallway down sandwiched in between a book store and a coffee shop.”

“We must be on some reality show. Are there hidden cameras around?” Mike said annoyed by the situation.

“That just happened,” added Sim.

“Guys it’s all good. We know where the store is located and if we stick to the alley ways we should be ok,” Cooper said feeling positive for the first time in a long time.

“Hey man how are you going to power on without a power cord?” Asked Crap.

PS Cooper spun around in a circle like a dog chasing his tail.

“Crap,” said Mike.