In a twist of events, Head of PlayStation’s Magic Lab division, Richard Marks, has left Sony to work at Google, who according to rumors are ramping up to build their own gaming console to battle the Big 3 in the near future.

For those of who you don’t know who Mr. Marks is exactly, he was instrumental in creation of many PlayStation peripherals over the years. After joining Sony in 1999, he helped bring life to the EyeToy, the PlayStation Eye camera, the PlayStation Move controllers, and was the Co-Creator of the PlayStation VR headset. I’m sure there is much more tech that he had a hand with developing in his 19 years at the company.

This move is another big one by Google, as they also recently hired Phil Harrison, Ex-President of PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios. They also hired Jack Bueser, former head of PlayStation Home. If that wasn’t enough, they hired Greg Canessa, who helped create the Xbox Live Arcade, along with many other individuals with gaming backgrounds. Google is staffing up for something big, Brah!

It’ll be interesting to see what next iteration of the PSVR headset might be, now that one of the key creators and researcher has left. Hopefully it’s still as comfortable as the current headset!

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